Herzog and de Meuron.
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Sensitive to the city’s need for public green space, the new MAM building is designed to extend the park into the museum site by means of a shaded outdoor terrace accessible to all visitors, not just those who continue on into the museum itself.
An open-air structure of precisely arranged columns supports a broad, shading roof. Under this roof, the park is intensified, transitioning into a dense, multi-dimensional garden with a museum buried in its heart. Tropical plants engulfing the museum are integrated into the structural system of columns and platforms. Stairs as wide as the plot connect the platform to the sea and to a waterfront promenade.
The combination of the roof and the hanging garden allows for the creation of a microclimate on the museum platform, which in turn becomes activated as a community forum.

The overall scheme of roof, platform and garden allow the building and site to comprise a continuous, open, civic space - a comfortable public veranda where community, nature, art and architecture are harmoniously unified.
The museum volumes float within the larger matrix of the site, suspended amid a structural framework. The roof and platform are broken into a series of planes that allow controlled light to penetrate deep into the building and parking level. The shifting planes also define distinct zones for various public uses, calibrating the degree of enclosure and expanse to the physical needs of each function.




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