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Construction is underway in Oslo, Norway, on the new Holmenkollen ski jump designed by JDS Architects

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Kalvebod water front re-opens for the Copenhagen public

JDS, in collaboration with Klar, will redesign the harbour front Kalvebod Brygge as the result of a tender held by the City of Copenhagen, within the newly established ‘Metropolzone’ The Metropolzone is a major development project to upgrade a part of Copenhagen City centre, which stretches from Kalvebod Brygge to St. Jørgens Lake.

Finally something is happening at Kalvebod Brygge. The entire area is being transformed into a recreational waterfront area where the public can take a walk, enjoy the sun and the view or dock their private kayak. According to plan the facilities will be completed in 2010.

“Kalvebod Brygge has long since been at the receiving end of criticism from Copenhagen citizens and architectural critics alike, and rightly so, as it is too closed off and inaccessible in relation to the Copenhagen public”, says Klaus Bondam; Mayor of the Engineering and Environmental Department and continues: “With the new waterfront area we create an opportunity for this area to finally become accessible to the public. Easy access to the water will be established and therefore I am looking forward to seeing the final realisation of this project.”

Lord mayor Ritt Bjerregaard made the following statement regarding the project: ”I am happy that this sketch proposal brings The Copenhagen Council one step further in the process of bringing more life and a higher quality to the Metropolitan zone. Kalvebod Brygge has a great development potential and we need to ensure that the people of Copenhagen benefit from this potential. This explains the importance of the project being developed in close dialogue with its citizens.

I am happy that with the (sketch-) proposal for ”Bølgen” (the wave) Copenhagen gets one step closer to create more life and higher quality in the Metropolzone. Kalvebod Brygge has a big potential for development and vi have to make sure that this will be a great benefit for the people of Copenhagen – thats why it is important, that the project develops in close dialogue with the citizens of Copenhagen.

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