Parece-me interessante no enquadramento do Workshop de Lugares Efémeros, organizado pelo Innercity!
Seria uma óptima instalação para reavivar os problemas nos espaços públicos portuenses, esquecidos, como quase tudo na cidade.

Paving paradise for a place to sit. That’s what’s going on here. A project from Springtime that saves a seat for your own booty in a play on the culture-cemented idea of a parking space. Part of a design competition that aimed to give a parking space back to the public. “Person Parking” seems to be made for a low-traffic area in a strip mall district, don’t you think?

Text from Springtime:

Duepercinque is a design competition part of the Public Design Festival in Milan. The mission: develop a creative solution for a parking spot of 2×5 meter (due per cinque), returning it to the public domain in a positive way.

I wouldn’t be the guy sitting on the street side of this block, that’s for dang sure. I’d like to see a couch made with this same aesthetic. Maybe minus the cement part.


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Celi said...

Parece-me espetacular! Podem por um aqui na faculdade! Mas é melhor que tenha muitos lugares!